As someone who loves the game and also is an IOS Developer I just could not find the app I was looking for in the Apple Store There are a few scorekeepers out there that are great apps in fact. Some of them have been in the store for years but still they weren’t what I was looking for.

I just thought about what it should be while playing darts, well, keep playing darts.

So I started a project by the end of 2017. It had to have a board!

There are some apps that enable scoring real fast, just buttons. Then why someone would use PRO DART TUTOR SCOREKEEPER?

Well, while keeping the score in the app mean that the user can “track” the location of each dart that will give some relevant information about how are your darts, and what corrections to make.

I thought that would be a nice information to have and I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I decide it to create this app.

Feb 2019. The app was released.

The easiest User Interface ever, even for four players. And why not, just enable “Frozen” rule.

So if a player’s partner has more points than the other team totals score, then he/she is frozen. It had to be implemented, right?

So finally, you finish the game and you check all your hits together so you can analyze your throw. How did they go? too high? too low? maybe to the left or to the right?

Old style stats? is a must!

After the game, check your throws round by round! nice!

Too many ideas on their way but no time for it so they will come on basis.

Will try to release new features each 50 backers. No backer yet! purchase the full version and write back. I will work on your needs!!

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