MR Recipes Organizer

 Simple but powerful recipes organizer.  It has a beautiful feature: when you pass the hand over the screen without touching the screen it reads step by step your recipe. In the kitchen it is common to have hands “dirty” so it is nice to keep the phone nice and clean.

It is built using Core Data and allows sharing via Airdrop and Email.

It would be awesome to have a website to share recipes but it takes time and effort, but who knows. If its community grows I will definitely put hands on it.

Available in English, Spanish, French & Italian

SWIFT 3 Xcode 8.3 Core Data

3 Replies to “MR Recipes Organizer”

  1. Glad you like it. The project is in progress. Once it reach some more users I will add more features, for sharing recipes with the world and rate them!

  2. Love your MR my recipes app. Thanks.
    The latest version running on iPhone 6 model MKRM2LL/A1633 with iOS 11.1.2 has a crash when entering ingredients for a new recipe and then switch to another app to copy some text MR crashes: just quits, goes away. When restarted it has saved all progress.
    Also if I don’t allow the app to access the photo library it warns me every time I start the app.
    But I still love this app! Very easy to use and a gidd looking UI. Thanks.

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