1. New bug found! Just uploading a new release.
    Also, I don’t like the pauses while scanning… It should be smooth, just placing the codes in their placeholders without interruptions and let the app scan the codes. Don’t find the way… yet! But I keep working on it.

  2. Please please keep working on this app it is awesome brilliant to have it, needs to work on scanning I can never scanned them in correctly the first time it takes me at least three or four attempts please and thank you

    1. Hi user, thanks for your comments. I’m glad finally someone showed up with good comments. lol.
      It would be nice to have a scanner with 100% accuracy but that’s simply impossible. It is not just a custom scanner made for this game but also the scanned speed, quality and accuracy depends on many factors as the angle between the phone and the coupons, the light, reflecting light, movements, etc. I worked for every aspect to beyond those points try to analyze the coupons and extract a valid code.
      However, I found out that since 100% accuracy happens only once in a while, the app returns the most probable code… That was a mistake since some users have inquired that the app presented a wrong code and told the user that had won a prize. That’s bad.
      I don’t like the people think they won and the didn’t because it makes this app unreliable.
      So, thinking about it, when the scanner recognizes a “possible match” it will show the code but also it highlights its frame that says “CHECK” trying to focus the user’s attention to that code.
      It’s been busy these days, since there are only two weeks left for the end of the game so I’m trying to do my best to fix, improve and release new updates almost every two days.
      Although the hardest part is not to work for free, releasing an app for free, without any advertisements with revenue, no, the hardest part is not receiving any positive feedback from the 1k actual users.
      I could have add a screen with “Review this app” feature but I really wanted to create a user-dedicated app.
      Hope it helps more than one!

      The new release is available since today (v1.3.1.)

  3. Thanks so much for making this app! I just found it today and ha e scanned a stack of tokens. It takes a few tries to scan, but if it doesn’t it’s easy to enter the code. Nice work! (I like the flow for entering a code: after typing the first number the keyboard switches to letters, then to the number keypad and back, automatically. Sweet!)

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s been a while fixing bugs and releasing new versions.
      Finally, I think v1.3.3 is the most reliable one.
      Well, scanning the codes is a complex process that can end up with wrong codes (which is awful). That’s why the scanning process always encourages the user to double check results.
      I’m glad you like the user experience while entering manually.
      I’ll keep working on that so keep an eye for updates.
      I take bad reviews as an opportunity to find bugs and improve the app but also good reviews are essential to let other users know about the good side of the app.
      Would it be much asking to write your thoughts on the Apple Store?
      Thanks and good luck!!

  4. Good news! It looks like the app will be helpful for a more few days.
    Today I just released 1.8 (hopefully available soon).
    It is nicer, faster and more accurate than ever.
    By the way, I’m tented to charge $0.99 for the app or adding some advertisements because I’ve been working like a crazy guy for several weeks and didn’t make a cent… But now that the campaign is ending, who would pay for it? So it will remain “as is”.
    My wife keeps telling me that I should earn money and not give my work for free. lol What do you think?

  5. Love your monopoly app., too bad I won nothing. The scanning works really well if you have good lighting at a shallow angle.
    For your recipe app please consider a feature where you can enter ingredients you have on hand and then search for recipes that use them. A “what shall we cook tonight?…well what do we have on hand…”

  6. Feb 2018: I see there’s a new monopoly game starting at safeway/vons but your app has gone from the app store. 🙁
    I hope you will put it back for others. I still have the 2017 version on my phone and it is excellent. Thanks again.

  7. The new app is great. The scanning of the QR code is way better and more efficient than last version. I can’t review it the App Store as the App Store seems to think I haven’t downloaded it however I was able to give it 5 stars

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