Don’t drop the Egg

I always wanted to play around with the iPhone gyroscope and this is how this app show the light. Although it needs to add more physics to make the egg movement more realistic it is fun!

Just keep your phone horizontal and keep the egg on the spoon. Walk for more points (it gets information from the Motion Manager). Once you drop the egg and it crashes on the floor you will see more than 20 versions  of it. You can find even presidents! lol

If you enjoyed it, share it.

LoL three weeks of development and until today I sold 1 unit $0.99

SWIFT 3 Xcode 8.3

MR Recipes Organizer

 Simple but powerful recipes organizer.  It has a beautiful feature: when you pass the hand over the screen without touching the screen it reads step by step your recipe. In the kitchen it is common to have hands “dirty” so it is nice to keep the phone nice and clean.

It is built using Core Data and allows sharing via Airdrop and Email.

It would be awesome to have a website to share recipes but it takes time and effort, but who knows. If its community grows I will definitely put hands on it.

Available in English, Spanish, French & Italian

SWIFT 3 Xcode 8.3 Core Data

Darts Score Keeper – ScoreBoard 501

Darts is my hobby and I have a lots of friends who share it.

I’ve seen exceptional players who can calculate x01 games really fast. However I’ve also seen people dealing with calculations and having a hard time
when the checkout time arrived. So I sent a little tool to play x01 games and leaving the players the fun part without the math part.

It allows to set double in/out for 301, 501, 701 and 901 games

SWIFT 3 Xcode 8.1


For a year I joined from 2015 to 2016 a small startup based in Silicon Valley who created a Virtual Reality camera from scratch.

It was tough to create something without patterns but I ended up
with a working viewer for the company’s demos

Created in Objective-C it didn’t use any third library, extension or cocoa pods. All from scratch. Well, it was a mess since everyday everything had to change. lol

I faced mystery crashes, had to create the UI/UX, design, brainstorming, side server scripts, upload and downloads syncs, users maintenance, data base maintenance, web site managing,… maybe too many things to be focused on writing clear code but it worked. Saw the light in the Apple Store for almost two years.

By the way, I love SWIFT lol