Last year after getting some coupons on the grocery shop and realizing how tedious was to organize the markers, I started developing last year’s app (Monopoly Coupon Tracker) just for me… but after a while I decided to share it with the rest of you for free.

After 4 months of development, crashes, improvements, new releases the app went to a few thousand users and based on the reviews, 95% of them were very happy with it. For those who might ask, I made exactly $0,0…

I went through many changes in my life during this year and I doubt about releasing a new version this year, then I received an email from a grateful user from last year: “…where is the app for this year?..” – he asked.

It was because of that user that I decided to give it a try. After two months a new version of the codes organizer is back. This time the name changes because Apple rejected the name from last year, how weird… This year the app is called: GAME TICKET TRACKER.

This time I want to apologize to all the users that would like to use this app for free since I “hired” a great developer for the Android version who made a great effort to have a release ready in a short period of time. Her name, Neus Camps Hernando. Thank you for your amazing work, dedication and effort.

Our goal? perhaps to be hired for creating that app that we all want!

We’ll keep working on it!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

IOS Developer lifecycle

Well, one day someone tells you good you are with computers and ask you how is that you are not creating apps for the Apple Store as everyone “knows” that you can make a fortune.

Well, that is so true. You “can”, but will you?…